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Campus Activities VassarTogether FAQ

Event Scheduling, Registration, and Programming

How do I schedule and register my events and/or programs under the VassarTogether guidelines? The event scheduling and reservation process has not changed. All events (in-person and virtual) organized by academic and administrative departments must be scheduled with the Information Specialist via the EMS online reservation system. Events are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

For Student Organization events—in person and virtual—an Activity Request Form must be completed via the eSARC Office from 11am–5pm (M–F) at Student organizations can contact their SARC Intern, or Will Rush ( with any questions.

What campus spaces are available for me to reserve?

The Campus Activities Office will continue to manage all reservations for all commonly used spaces through EMS. During Phase 1 of the Fall 2020 semester, on-campus reservations will be limited to classes only, with no in-person or outdoor events. At such a time that the College moves into Phase 2, campus space can be reserved observing strict health and safety guidelines, and reduced maximum capacity in all spaces. It is expected that program sponsors review and be aware of current guidelines at the time of their event or space reservation. For the most up to date information, please visit

For the Fall 2020 semester, the Office of Campus Activities also manages the reservations for the various tents on campus including Rocky Lawn Tent, Chapel Lawn Tent, Library Lawn Tent, Blodgett Lawn Tent, Chicago Tent, Commencement Hill Tents (East and West), and the Loeb Museum Tent.

VassarTogether Programming Regulations and Policies

What are the updates to the College Center functions?

Tabling: College Center tabling locations will be moved outside—4 tabling locations in the College Center Circle, and 2 tabling locations outside of the Gordon Commons. Tabling will only be permitted in Phase 2.

Installations and Exhibitions: The Palmer Gallery will not house any exhibitions for the Fall 2020 semester. The policies for installations and exhibitions in the College Center (Old Bookstore, College Center Bridges, etc.) have not changed. Please contact Michelle Ransom at with any questions.

College Center Info Desk: The College Center Info Desk will continue to operate under its usual hours of operation. College Center student staff will lock and unlock College Center rooms before and after each use. Some limited equipment will be available for check-out, with strict sanitation and disinfecting procedures in place.

Publicity, Bulletin Boards, and Campus Posting Policy: The campus posting policy has not changed. All fliers, signs, and banners must follow the Posting Policy as outlined in the Programming Resource Guide. For questions or clarification, please email

How do I submit my contracts for signing?

Contracts can be submitted electronically to the Campus Activities Office at All contracts should have the vendor/payee signature, and be submitted for Campus Activities to sign. Students should never sign a contract. Once signed, the fully executed contracts will be sent back to the organization or department to submit through Workday.

Campus Partners and Additional Resources

Can I have food at my events or meetings?

For meetings, individuals may bring their own food for personal consumption. For events and larger programs, food or drink for events must be catered, and must be individually served by the caterer providing the food. Vassar College Campus Dining is prepared to meet all health and safety restrictions to cater your event. All off-campus caterers must adhere to the catering guidelines set forth by the College. No homemade or potluck, or shared food is permitted. For specific guidelines to provide to any potential caterers, please visit

How can I host a virtual event, or live-stream an in-person event?

Various spaces on campus have been fitted with additional equipment to provide live stream capacities. The Campus Activities Office can help you decide which space or virtual format will work best for your event. Once an event/space is reserved through EMS, event sponsors can work with Media Resources to manage the technology in the space, or obtain a webinar license for their virtual event. Student organizations must first register all virtual or live-streamed events with the eSARC in order to obtain a webinar license.

What if I need a specific set-up for my event?

The Campus Activities Office is still the liaison for submitting work orders for your event to Facilities Operations. All reservable campus spaces have been updated with limited maximum capacities. Event set-ups must follow all health and safety restrictions, including proper social distancing and limited attendees in the space.

For complete guidelines of all programming policies during the Fall 2020 semester, please refer to the VassarTogether Programming Resource Guide (PRG). For all additional questions, please contact the Office of Campus Activities directly at, or via phone at (845) 437-5370. 2