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Quick Tip # 7: Budgeting

Budgeting 101

  • It is important to manage your money as well as keeping a budget throughout the year.
  • Each organization’s treasurer must attend Treasurer Training.
  • All VSA orgs have a budget number; you will need this number to make reservations in the SARC, to complete VSA forms, etc.
  • Use your Vassar College Pcard to make online purchases and local in-store purchases.
  • The short requisition form is used for tangible items, such as: purchase order for supplies and obtaining checks for purchasing items throughout the year.
  • The long requisition form is used for reimbursements, cash advances, conference registration, payment to bands (a contract will also be required for this), etc.
  • The VSA VP for Finance can help you with gathering all the information for filling out these forms and much more!

VSA Additional Funding

Supplemental Funding

You can apply for supplemental funding if:

  • Your organization was substantially under budgeted during annual budgeting the previous year.
  • The previous year's executive board left the organization in debt.
  • Your organization has decided to increase its programming in a way that was not foreseen during annual budgeting.

Supplemental Funding Application

Collaboration Fund

This fund is used to sponsor events between two or more organizations. There can only be one residence in the application.

  • Collaboration must be substantive.
  • The fund will cover up to 75% of the costs of an event, not to exceed $3750.
  • Groups can apply a maximum of 4 times per year.

The application, as well as other funding applications, can be found on the VSA website, Finance section.