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Quick Tip # 1: Programming Policies

All Campus Parties

  • All organizations that wish to hold an all campus party must have at least three officers and/or organization members that have completed the Party Host Class present for the entire duration of the event and they must be sober and unimpaired.
  • There must be sufficient food and water at your event in an accessible and well lit location.
  • A detailed floor plan and/or event diagram is required for all campus parties and largescale events. This must include the entrance, equipment, exits, staging, staffing, and all other important locations pertinent to the event. This must be completed a minimum of a week before your event.
  • A mandatory walkthrough must be done a minimum of thirty minutes prior to the event.

Alcohol Service Rules and Regulations

  • Organizations must receive prior approval from the Director of the College Center if they would like to serve alcohol at a registered event. Please note this is an additional approval process.
  • Organizations wishing to serve alcohol must use an outside catering company.
  • No “open bars” permitted.
  • No one under the age of 21 may purchase, possess, or consume any alcoholic beverage.
  • If an organization wants to admit guests from local colleges at any event serving alcohol, a member from the organization must be at the door, or the entrance to the event, and record their guests' names and addresses.
  • The students must have an approved ID.
  • The organization must also provide non-alcoholic beverages for the duration of the event.

Study Week Policies

  • The following criteria is utilized to evaluate requests for activities: is a one-time/one-day activity.
    • is voluntary and attendance is not mandatory
    • is not disruptive to students who are studying or preparing for exams and is not an irresistible attraction for the majority of the community.
  • No private parties with or without alcohol.
  • No activities are permitted during Exam Week.